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Why and How to use Meetups for Branding and Selling - Analysis

Did You say tweetup? Looks old now!

You don't need to be on twitter to meet new people. Twitter doesn't have a dedicated application for organizing tweetups.

Its new interface adds new features, which smells like inspiration from facebook. Twitter doesn't seem to be serious about its greatest selling point, Tweetups. Had it been, the new interface would must  have some applications for it. Does it matter though, when you have cool site like meetup.com, which is all set to steal the concept of tweetup to re-brand it as Meetup?

This change is happening silently and steadily, people no more say they organized a tweetup, rather they organize Meetup.

Meetup does not allow you to make friends like any other networking site, and this is what makes it different . Anyway, it is not like other networking websites. It is about managing meet ups based on interest and locality.

You just need to browse groups and find out what is best suited to your interest, need and accessibility. It helps you engage in real life conversation.

Meetup has many growing communities, who really meet each other. Facebook allows you to add friends, twitter allows you to have conversation with a lot of people, and at both the places, you don't know who they are! Meetup is something you should add to your social media portfolio, it will help you find people who are actually meeting at a place.

The least pondered fact about social networking websites is that they fail to create a real network. The cause of this failure is that everyone connected to you don't have the same purpose and mission. Twitter and Facebook has created mad rush for fans and followers.

People and brands have treated fans and followers as capital, which returns sales revenue. Targeting focused and engaged audience reduces your efforts and increases ROI. Segmenting them according to refined interests and demographics further enhances your ROI.

Meetup reverses this entire exercise by directly engaging people who are already sharing in real life. You create a meetup group, you engage them in real life and also on meetup.com. It is a great branding opportunity! While twitter and facebook is full of brands who are engaged in full time marketing, meetup has yet to see them doing the same on meetup.com. Techcrunch, Mashable and many other websites are promoting this concept by directly allowing users to create meetup groups through their website.You may expect the concept to get more refined in future with meetup developing better ways for connecting people.

The business of making people talk and the business of making people meet are two different things. More Talking leads to less listening and then everyone shouts and nobody listens, which is the case with twitter now. If you posted a question on twitter, half a year ago, you might had got half a dozen response, but now you would seldom get a single response with double the number of followers. Attitude has changed! Everybody is shouting and very few listens. Because of this change of attitude, people need to meet in real life to have real conversation both online and offline.

Here comes the role of meetups and meetup.com. Popular way of searching a meetup group near you is similar to searching it for anything else on google. just type the query, Meetup in delhi, meetups in mumbai, meetups in banagalore.....meetups in kolkata and you would hit upon the corresponding meetup group and similar conversations about meetups happening around you.

Organizing meet ups is an old science. There were religious meet up groups in the past, where people with similar attitude and ideas used to meet over a long time period. Napolean Hill talks about how meeting of same people over a long time period makes them create a powerful mastermind.

More the number, more the challenges. Two of the person can arrange meeting anywhere and any time, three would require a consensus and more would definitely an organized effort, because more the number of people more the chances of people drifting away.

It is highly probable that marketers would target meetup groups for branding and selling in near future. All you need is an idea woven around your product that could instigate people to meet. When you have an idea and you have people, you just need a venue to make it an event. Events are powerful promotional tools, because they leave a long lasting impression on everyone who were part of it and also on those who wanted to be part of it and also those who heard about it but were neither part of it nor had reason to be part of it. In a nutshell, it is manifold expansion of idea. Marketing by meetups need not be an expensive affair. Because you need to do it very often maintaining a frequency which is cost effective and rather profitable. it should be No Frills.

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