Communication on Internet – What makes an Impact?

Communication on internet is both art and science. You can be very articulate presenting facts and figures, some of us are naturally gifted in this . However, on internet you need to stand out of the crowd to get your voice heard. Difference between online and offline communication is that you are not addressing a group of people who have already lent their ears to you. You shall have to tell repeatedly why they should give you their precious attention. There are millions of pages on internet and they just are pages, technically they are live but practically a dead one, because people come, smell and leave. Why so? because, they can smell the rotten egg you have cooked from different web pages already circulating around the internet. Originality, is the bottom-line of effective communication on internet, and if your blog, facebook, twitter updates lack it, any articulate concealment is an attempt in futility. You search on google for some product, information, problem etc., etc., and you can easily figure out after going through some links who are the masters and who are the copycats. The latest fad in corporate world is to have an online division and appoint people for blogging and social media updates. What they do most of the time and in most of the organizations? They simply present the existing webpages in new form. Same is true with twitter and facebook pages. It does not help you in anyway. If you are not Mashable or CNN or Techcrunch, I won’t expect Breaking news from you about technology and web. I would almost hate you if your tweets are just piles of what I have already read through other trustworthy sources. Twitter gives you an unfair advantage, people follows you because you will follow them back. Here, you give them an incentive of following you and strategically following people keeps the number ticking. However, facebook fan pages don’t give you the same privilege and several brands have failed miserably on facebook. The reason should be obvious to you now. They all talked about the same stuffs, people didn’t expect them to tell. A popular practice is to amass plethora of links from different websites and feed them as wall updates and the result they get, a group of known faces hanging on the sidebar, who are there just because of some real life obligations or anticipating that some day or even today you would return the favor. This is not what an impactful presentation should return, and worse if you have hired employees for this.

The big question is what makes an impact and Why people should follow you?  If you are original, creative and scientific, your ideas are bound to explode, and remember the order is important to create the mousetrap of the digital world, about which a 19th century Thinker had said:

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.

Why some blogs are successful and why others fail, Why someone rocks on twitter and others just languish and why some facebook fan pages are super hit and others just sucks? The answer is some were successful building their “better mousetraps” while others couldn’t.

Recently, Moneycontrol has launched its Facebook Fan page and you would enjoy following it. It does not continuously talks about boring stock market news and portfolio management, rather it talks about questions which an ordinary individual faces and would like to engage with. Moneycontrol started late and lost the url /moneycontrol to a possible squatter(Late Entry Tax?). If you are a marketer and watch the developments on /nestle, /starbucks, then their strategy can be worth studying. Lastly, I would add I have no affiliation with moneycontrol, it just caught my eyes.

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Daman said...

Well said Ramesh. The idea is not to talk (shout) about your products/services but give something valuable to reader.

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