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Optimizing the Conversion Funnel

Landing Page is where a visitor lands after clicking an ad. She has certain assumptions, which she has made about you reading the adtext. If she cannot find what she expected, she may get turned off, or if she finds something more exciting than expectations, she takes a step forward . There are many moments of truths, from adtexts to landing page to thank you page. You must woo her at every stage in the funnel, asking her to wait, there is something more! The tesed and proven driving force in a funnel is the counter-intuitive nature of your presentation. If you promise a package for Rs7000/yr in your ad & she gets 2 years offer instead on landing page for the same amount, she is bound to get crazy for it! If your ad says, you deliver roses for Rs500, but on landing page you pomise, if she want to get it delivered second time, it is just for Rs300, she feels a compelling urge to order through your site. In this case people who order for the first time would increase more than who would order the second time, it is the hope which increases the sales. This was what you can achieve by suitably presenting your package in the funnel, revealing the Wow factor, in each step. However, this is not limited to presenting the offer alone. It is true with, very aspect of the web presentation. The site navigation, layout, colour and overall theme, everything contributes for better or worse. People conceive the package wholesome first and then they drill down. Not only what you say matters, but also the entire theme and ways of presenting it matters. Optimization is a two way process - 1) keep on identifying and adding what will bring delightment. 2) Keep on identifying and removing what will turn off your visitors. Both way you can gain. Fortunately there are tools to achieve this and most of them are free. You must track your conversions through conversion tracking, analyze them using Google Analytics, and experiment using Website Optimizer. Analytics lets you know the figures where you should improve & Website Optimizer lets you experiment with different versions of your page and hence choose the best one. Analyze the analytics data, and pick the tasks for improvement, most of the time, it is not the one magic big change you need that may turn the results but routinely doing several small changes which would change your story.

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