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Google Instant - It will skew the Traffic towards Shorter Phrases!

Google has recently Launched Google Instant. To know what is google Instant visit http://www.google.com/landing/instant/. This feature is not available to everyone and everytime. If you are lucky, you may notice it while searching. Google won't need you to hit the search button to deliver result, rather it starts returning results as soon as you type in search bar. So if I type - Google Adwords Resellers India. It will serve me 4 SERPs. first for Google, then for Google Adwords, then Google Adwords resellers and finally Google Adwords Resellers India. Google ads too will change simultaneously. So, you may see sudden spurt in impressions on keywords which are shorter. This is going to add a whole new dimension in Search advertising. Here intent does not match the served result. While, typing, the person who is searching is searching for Google Adwords resellers India, and so the other SERPs, are accruing impressions, where people have very less propensity to click. Of course, if someone finds something useful while typing part of the search query, he may stop there. However, it is going to create some issues for advertisers. Shorter phrases and words which are part of some other longer query may yield unwanted impressions. I think Google should eliminate impressions where searchers didn't stop to click any link on the SERP.

Update: Official Adwords Blog has given explanation how these ad impressions would be treated:

As a result, Google Instant changes the way we think about impressions. With Google Instant, an impression is counted if a user takes an action to choose a query (for example, presses the Enter key or clicks the Search button), clicks a link on the results page, or stops typing for three or more seconds.

It's possible that this feature may increase or decrease your overall impression levels. However, Google Instant may ultimately improve the quality of your clicks since it helps users type queries that more directly connect them with the answers they need.
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ramesh said...

The problem with managing adwords account is to eliminate, unwanted impressions and clicks, and this is going to increase the problem. While managing adwords account we ensure that ad is presented only to people who have intention to search for those information. Here intent and served result does not match accurately.

Daman said...

Ramesh, I agree with you that now short keywords will gain more importance. The websites which rank high on short keywords will have more clicks, but conversions will be less. For example a person who intends to send flowers to Delhi may land on a site which ranks well on keyword flowers but will bounce back if they do not deliver in Delhi.

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