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Google Adwords Payment through Netbanking

Since, payment through credit card has become a lengthy process, several advertisers are preferring payment through netbanking in india. System is cool, more or less. Even an MCC manager can transfer fund without any need to log in through customers user id. However, it is a third party gateway, which in India is provided by Times of money. Hence, actually it involves mutiple party, if you get into any kind of trouble with this. on one side is Google, another side is payment gateway and third is your bank whose card you would be using, and they just don't know each other. In case payment is through and not reflected in your Billing Summary, you may get into difficulties convincing google, that payment has actually been made from your side. Since, Google does not have any means to know whether the transaction you made through your bank account has reached Times of Money or not, and also whether transaction failed between bank and ToM or between ToM and Google. It happens many times that, Transaction between ToM and Bank happens and then credited back, in fact you get the message in such a situation that "If any amount has been deducted from your account it would be credited back". Fair enough, but it may take upto 48 hours to get that back. So, if you have tried transferring a big amount in one go, it may proove to be a situation you would like to avoid, because the same bank which promises credit back, won't allow you to go for second attempt if funds are insufficient! So, advertisers should realise that it may take multiple attempts. Some of the best practices I would like to recommend from my own experience are:
1) Always maintain a balance in your adwords account which is at least more than two days' daily budget.
2) Never transfer whole amount in one go, it sometimes may result into multiple failures.
3) If amount is not reflected in your adwords account even after 24 hours, you should contact customer support.
4) While presenting your case, be ready with your Bank Statement, and more important, the tracking ID of transaction, provided by ToM (they demand it!)
5) Tracking ID is displayed for few seconds only, you need to print screen, instantly. Don't hold the button too long or you would get the blank screenshot!!! Although this is very important to track transaction there is no other way of recording it. You would learn the real trick after few failures only.

Note: The bank statement, does give the exact transaction ID, as the below screenshot shows. However, it is advisable to take screenshot, because convention might be different for different banks, and also because Google would ask you to provide, in case of some system glitch.

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