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Twitter Account Optimization

Optimizing your twitter account means optimizing it with respect to marketing effectiveness. let us start with registering your username. If you were not an early starter with twitter your favourite user name may not be available now. so, you would need to create something innovative. Here, what should not be done is more important than what should be done. Your twitter handle should not be:

  1. Containing a number, - or any other special character. Like @dolly21, @dolly_21..
  2. Too long. Like, @dollythesweetdoll
  3. Look like impersonator of some other personality or brand. like @dell,
  4. Giving a hater x message. like @Xkiller, @ihateX, ....
  5. Too far too away from your personality.
  6. contain an adjective, unless they invoke humour. like @best
  7. Focus on a specific trait/feature.
  8. Displaying your greed.
  9. Disparaging yourself, like @idiotintown

After that comes the page theme and bio. You may use from an array of themes available in your account or just upload a custom theme. The theme should be reflective of your true self. Professional users should avoid clutters as much as possible. Care should be taken to make it engaging. write few details there,about you which is compelling enough to make visitors come to your user page as often as possible. Drop a few comment, details, testimonials etc., in your theme or even write some mind blowing link/details there. Make good use of the entire real estate.

Bio should be honest but add few words of humour too. A good piece of humour, honestly written makes you an interesting guy. on Internet it spreads like fire. Don't leave anything and you should not fill anything which you genuinely are not. People on Internet gets detected very easily when they behave dishonestly!

After completing these steps comes to tweeting and following. It is advisable not to start following aggressively till you have 10-15 quality tweets in your account. Add some of your friends but try to follow some reputed twitterers of your field. Re tweet them comment about them and after that follow people who are mentioned in their tweets.

Since, you have no control over who follows you, you should only manage who you should follow. Following your own followers alone is a bad strategy and you actually grow stronger by following good tweeterers, does not matter whether they follow you or not.

Managing following list is a never ending process and you must follow informative and interesting twitterer. According to the Media Guru Robert Scoble, real secret of twitter lies in following!

Twitter is all about tweeting and following. Before, you have started tweeting, make a policy of what to tweet? and when to tweet? Don't start spewing anything that comes to your mind. It is better to have a strategy on frequency and kind of tweets. Tweeting too much causes dissent among your followers, who has certain expectations from you. Try a mix of tweeting about yourself and tweeting on the subject you have chosen.

Be generous in recommending your followers and someone you admire in #followfriday, #followreader or similar twitter events. Some, of the bad tweeting strategies which you should not be following are:

  1. Copying others tweets and behaving as if it were your own.
  2. Repeated rants on same thing again and again.
  3. Tweeting at a very high frequency, about the same thing just to grab the attention of your followers.
  4. Ignoring questions/queries/concerns marked @yourusername.
  5. Repeatedly sending messages to someone, who does not want to hear from you.
  6. Sending tweets which are actually ads.
  7. Tweeting about an article which you yourself haven't read.
  8. Tweeting about office culture, your boss or organization, which you are not supposed to do.

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