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Multiple Presence on the same Page - It enhances your Conversion Rate Many Times Over!

Once upon a time People thought, since they have good SEO, and presence on quality keywords they don't need Adwords. Some used to think just the reverse, and perhaps still thinks so, that since they have a good running Adwords campaign, they don't need to SEO their website. Just check your stats and focus on adwords stats where, you had presence both in Organic and paid links. You would notice, you had wonderful conversion rate both in organic and paid. Why this happens? Not only it increases your percentage of links on the page over others, it increases the level of trust of visitors in you. People think since you are also present in the paid link despite being present in organic link, you are the person worth doing business with. Google now offers you three opportunities to feature on the same search page. They are 1) organic Listing, 2) Paid Listing, and 3) Local business listing.  Don't discount any of them. If you are running a hotel, or selling flowers or any kind of business, where google offers all three kind of listings, you cannot afford to go for a strategy around only one of them, because all your serious competitors are present there on all three, and  those who are not would soon be biting the dust, because whatever, single track strategy she is following, would become unprofitable sooner or later. What changed this game? There was a time when people used to advertise on keywords where they are not performing well in organic results. After sometime they found, if they advertise on same keyword where they have good presence organically too, they get great result. The practice started infecting other advertiser and this became an indication for user that what they see once is just a chance, what they see more than once is Genuineness. People want to deal with genuine people world around. Those who are present in all three listing in search get a big edge over those who are not. they see conversions flowing towards them while others would find, the keyword is getting costlier to afford every passing day! In industries where local listing matters the most like florist shops, hotels etc., you cannot afford to survive on a single listing on the page. 
Similar is the case with content network. If you are also showing direct advertisements on the website alongwith the adwords ads on the page, it greatly enhances your conversion rate, compared to what you see with only one of them. Present strategy for online marketing should be domination. Try to dominate the placements as much as you can. Don't spread yourself too far and too thin. Choose the areas where you are strong and don't just give others the chance to take a slice away from you of your meal. If you know of a website where you find great number of prospects, just go and have a deal with them. Have your presence there both directly and indirectly through any third party targeting like google adwords, and just see the difference it creates in your returns on investments. 

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