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Attempts to turn Seth's Advocacy for Sympathy Click into Mass Movement

Seth had said - "If you like what you're reading, click an ad to say thanks." in his one of the controversial blogpost Ads are the new online tip jar, Also, see the first person to react via trackback, Cem Sertoglu of Turkey, Seth further reacted in another blogpost - Beating the status quo, that he didn't mean to advocate Click Fraud, as has been misunderstood by the practitioners of click advertising, rather he wanted to beat the status quo of only hardcore click throughs. Seth's Logic - As clicks would increase, Revenue would increase for Publishers and Advertisers would get more Attention, from people who had mild interest in the advertisement. But, converting mild interest into sales is Profitable. Profitable for the advertiser, for the publisher and for the online industry at large. That is seth's Logic, but from the perspective of Pay per click managers who struggles to eliminate these unwanted clicks everyday, through more focused creatives and more focused targeting, it is not a profitable scenario at all. People practicing ppc knows how tough it is to fight unwanted clicks from researchers and seasonal flurry of traffic on even Search Keywords are. On Search, people are typing in the keywords in the search bar to find what they are served actually, yet it may not be profitable all the time. If you add further load of people who have intent to only click on your ads, it becomes worse. So, converting mild interest into sales is not an easy task, it is far from reality. But, think of the situation where people only click on the ad to just say thank you to the publisher! PPC model is not meant for thank you clicks. It works around conversions and cost of conversions in reality, which are not always within such a comfortable margin to accomodate sympathy clicks, in fact it always pose challenges because its an auction, and competition keeps on pushing up the cost of click. Publishers can benefit from Higher cost of clicks by having Remarkable content (Courtesy Seth who made Remarkability the popular concept), which has the ability to attract relevant traffic and hence good advertisers who would like to compete there for grabbing the attention and click of this traffic. 
It is more than a year now since Seth wrote that controversial post, but why I am discussing it now is the reason I saw, someone trying to advocate sympathy clicking via adwords! There may be others too, but this is the site, I came across, advocating sympathy clicking(or Thank You Click), and asking you to spread the message across the web. Who needs sympathy clicks? Those who have failed to generate quality content, and hence quality followers. Why Seth is advocating it, Perhaps because of This - "I can say this because there are no ads here... ".  Well the website I am talking about has no details of its founders and only have a contact email, in contact.  I also checked its whois info , which does not reveal anything. So, the person behind it does not want to come into light. But, Google should be knowing him, because he is running adwords ads! Does he deserve conversion? You would decide. Can you openly display the badge of a website which does not even reveal a valid contact address?

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