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My Name is Khan: Promotion at Newark Airport

Shah Rukh Khan, the Indian Movie Star, was reportedly detained at Newark Airport, on 15th of August, 2009. 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day in India. At the backdrop is a similar incident with an ex Indian President passing through almost similar security related checking in India itself by the staff of an American airline. So, the message is Indian sentiments hurt by the conduct of US airport staff who are paranoid against Muslims in general and particularly Indians. Incidentally both the persons associated with the incident are Muslims. Khan being a Muslim last name, and the title of the Film in making. I do not want to allege that Fox and Sah Rukh Khan planned this incident well in advance where everything was preplanned. It may be 100% unplanned, but everything was in right place - the place, the occasion, the person, the escalation. Nothing else could have produced such a great impact. Well, I want to see this movie now, so you and everybody! Many people have alleged that it was a normal incident, even US airport staff confirmed he was freed after one hour and not detained for two hours which many exaggerated reporting claims. If this is normal, was Sah Rukh experiencing it for the first time? Anyway, it should go into the book as a marketing strategy, to be done intentionally in future. Well done Sah Rukh, or even if you did not do it you should thank Newark Airport Staff!

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Indiaflorist said...

Publicity, bad or good is always welcome. Specially for the actors and acrtesses.

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