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Adwords New User Interface, Powerful but you should Ponder!

This week Google finally pulled down the old user interface from all the accounts. Many people loved it including me for its classy look, fast download, easy navigation and relevant information. It is gone now, perhaps forever. New UI is there with bundles of features. Since every Adwords user has already been exposed to it, I won't delve into what it contains and what it misses. Some of the feature you should not miss out and that can really improve your campaign's performance are:
  • Impression caps on content Ad. Now you have the advantage of limiting the exposure of your content ads by impression. It can be set up at adgroup level and would be great for advertisers who are worried about wear and tear of ad. If you want to know how ads are worn out check this post . Google perhaps have given some thought to it. Big advertisers who are advertising on a very large scale would find it great. It has another side too. some notorious ones whom adsense publishers were trigger happy blocking would find using this feature to pass through block button. It is easy now. Create many adgroups with impression caps on each with different urls. after every cycle of impression each adroup would be triggered. It would be difficult to detect and at least increase the pressure on publishers who want to block them
  • Spreadsheet Editing. This feature not only downloads keywords, it can download your ads too with display urls and destination url. It means if you want to export your campaign to some other platform it would become an easy job if the program permits you to feed the downloaded campaign in one go. However, google does not have such a feature to feed such downloaded campaign in other account of adwords, or it least I could not find out.
  • Enhanced graphic presentation. You would find graphical presentation with multiple matrices for comparison and trend analysis of the data. Play with it to gain some new and valuable insight changing different attributes. Its a powerful tool, if you can pull out some actionable insight from it.
  • Placement report available inside the account. Not only they are available, you can add or block them then and there. You can even download them in .csv format.
  • Search Query Report. It is also available inside the account itself. you don't need to go to the Report Center for it. you can add some terms then and there itself.
  • Enhanced Keyword suggestion. Now suggested keywords are no more all broad matched. They are there in all kind of matches.

Features are really powerful. They have the capability to pull great data at the comfort of a click. However, taking action based on these data may require some thinking on your part. If you can think and apply at the same speed, you should be able to derive the maximum benefit from it. I would openly say I can't. I need time to analyze these data and apply my thinking. So, I would prefer downloading the reports and ponder a bit on it. I also recommend you to do the same. That is to say some actions you should take immediately on sight but should not give up analyzing the Reports deeply.

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