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Google Migrates away Pro Center from MCC

Google yesterday migrated the Pro Center to a new home. If you have checked your pro center recently, you would find it has moved to a new page asking you to re login to access. New features include:

  • Ability to unlink from your Company's MCC. Now GAP qualified people are no more required to be tied up with the MCC of the company. They can unlink themselves and attach with a different MCC.
  • Last 90 days spent is mentioned, instead of the Total managed spent. This is good because Google decides your status according to the last 90 days managed spent only.
  • Logo size has become smaller. Earlier Logo used to be much bigger like I have one on this page.
  • GAP exam record is mentioned along with the expiry date too. A completely new thing, at least this would remind people when to take the exam, before it expires. Unlike many others I prefer taking exams annually and recommend the same to everyone.
  • You also have a message center. It didn't have any message for me so I can't say much about it.

Google seems to be on a change spree these days. After changes in the Adwords User Interface, it is likely they would soon roll out changes at MCC level too.

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