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Shift from Marketing Mix to Idea Mix

Are you still adhering to the old fashioned Marketing mix philosophy? Marketing mix we create for every product or service we promote, however, failure comes at a faster rate than success. You think of existing markets, online & offline, pitching for your product. The landscape has changed! What used to click is no more relevant now. you learn this hard facts more often than ever before. you follow the tested trend which becomes obsolete before it strikes your mind. Someone has rightly observed, trend means the end. In today's fast moving, bleeding edge world you always need new ideas, rather unique ideas to promote yourself. Gathering these ideas have become increasingly difficult. We are forced to learn everyday, and unlearn our past learnings. Promotion is no more a limited exercise of creating strategy around known channels, it is to create some unique and relevant ideas around or off these channels. The present situation demands us to change ourself and mould every now and then, like a malleable stone, which when delivers is impactful and relevant to the context too. Old fashioned marketing is a surefire way to failure. Events, trade fair, directory listing, SEO, sucks, till you show your unique idea around them, The landscape of yesterday is vastly different from landscape of today. People are becoming more and more accesible with or without any considerable effort. Online channels have exposed everyone to vast realm of resources. Both products and people are very easily accessible. Still, you don't get the desired results. Traffic skids off. they flow in a different direction. you get amazed why you are not getting what you perhaps think you legitimately deserve. It is the Lack of a remarkable Idea backing your product and promotion which lets traffic to flow towards someone who is more remarkable than you. Seth had shown - Everybody Gets Traffic! it is not the question of getting them, rather it is of holding them. why should they stop with you? its a question around which you have to tweak your entire strategy, with respect to your product and with respect to your promotions. So, no more run for marketing mix, run for your Idea Mix. How to gather new and relevant ideas to improve your offerings. In present digital world the buzz word is Offering not product or service. Product or services excludes the promotion part. Offerings include your promotion. Developing strategy for one in isolation of other is a way to failure. Product and promotion difference has got blurred in the present sceneraio. Gather ideas about your product through feedbacks, also gather idea about your customers, apply them to your Offerings. it is ever increasing information based idea generation system. It is no more How many people have seen or are aware about you, rather it is how many are aware you are Unique! Ideas drive the market, and you always need new of them. create a mix of channels which will everyday saturate you with something new. Marketers need to live around Idea generation systems. Gather and Drown yourself in data of how people have interacted with your offerings before and react accordingly. Open new channels for gathering such informations. Create a strategy to know even more about user interactions. They will always give you new ideas and new ways of offerings.

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