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How to own a Keyword on Google

Sounds interesting? Everybody wants to own a keyword on google. You go for SEO - white hat, black hat and what not. Still google refuses to give you. It won't give you a single place in SERP, till you qualify as the most worthy fit in that slot. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. Google allows you to own a keyword if you give it a keyword! Attempt it strategically. When I was searching for a domain name in fashion category, I analyzed all related words like, fashion, fad, style, trend etc. Google trend result showed search volume is in this order, Style, trend, fashion, fad decreasing. Style, fashion and trend related domains were taken. Luckily, I got Stylefad.com! A combination of two words Style & Fad. One having highest search volume the other having the lowest. A good deal, isn't it? There is so much of competition for style related queries and so little for fad related one. The phrase style fad has a promising future too. Search query against it is increasing every day. After two months 6 out of 10 results talk about this website. In that way i am leading the growing tribe of this niche by creating content for them. The website would surely beat everyone else in terms of relevancy, links, and any other factor Google may apply. There is definite advantage of being a leader in search segment. Google rewards you, definitely. I was the first person to shoot a blog on - online political campaigns india, and I still dominate there, because I was present there even when others were not even thinking about it. After that I consistently shot subsequent blogs on this issue. I started being referred by others too!

So, to own a keyword on google, innovate it, propagate it, saturate it and rule. You may apply the strategy. Good Luck!

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