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Conversion Jet Streams - Identify & Ride!

Adwords campaign often have uneven distribution of conversions across keywords, placements & Adtexts. Once, you start analyzing them, start clubbing the most impactful of them to come together to produce very high impact. You may find some keywords, adtexts & placements having higher conversion than the rest. Just start summing up the impact. Grab the best Idea, the best placement, the best keyword and write a suitable adtext keeping in mind the earlier conversion history of the campaign. Once you have done that you would find, streaming conversion coming at a never before rate, that may surpass the expectation of your most optimistic clients. Most of the ocassions I have exceeded the expectation of my clients were when I could identify or construct these jet streams. Sometimes they are a placement, with suitably written adtext and sometimes certain keywords where adtexts and position just do the trick. Sometimes, they are simply an idea around which entire adgroup is woven.
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