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Red Signal to Green on Landing Page

Green color produces highest level of contrast and strain in human eyes. Try to recollect objects in green light which appears smaller in size, compared to normal. This is not due to any illusion, it actually happens but within your eyeballs. Green color strains the muscle of your eyes to contract resulting in smaller size of objects which it lights up. It is this feature of green which causes the eyes to work more to better comprehend the details. However, excessive usage would cause the user to instant repulsion.

Most web sites I have seen with conversion problems are those who have actually High Contrast on their Landing page. High Contrast is unbearable to the human eyes, we have a natural tendency to avoid it. Major contributor to this High Contrast is the color which lies in the middle of Light Spectrum, the Green. Green Color has inherent quality to produce high contrast. Just try to experiment with different shades of light on a canvass. Green Produces the Highest level of contrast. it is okay to use it when you want to draw the attention to certain part of your page, Google search results shows URLs in green and its an excellent idea. Any other color, won't make the small fonts so distinctly visible and readable. However, straining users eyes without any details underneath it, like green as borders, would definitely worsen the user experience.

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