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Content Baiting: Increase Relevant Impressions on your Content Ad

Content Network Ad impression is the function of Relevancy which must match the contents available in the content space. The available contents may be grouped into two categories, one which matches your product or services directly and most of which are from competing people offering similar kind of products or services. Second category is those of News, Reviews and other product/service information content. A behavior which you might have observed in your content campaign is the sudden spurt of traffic and conversions in your campaign which matches that of your being in the realm of the just explained second category traffic. If Content Space talks about You and your product, your ads start getting stuck to them and impression and conversions start rising. So, being in the content space can improve your Ad performance. Bait the content writers, and persistently create ripples about yourself, through both offline and online channels, this will boost your campaign performance.

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