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Online Political Electoral Campaigns - The wave may Hit India

US elections are set to begin shortly. World's Largest Democracy, India, too is going for General Elections, somewhere in the first quarter of 2009. Political Debates in US are not limited to Television, Newspapers & Magazines, rather they have made inroads to unconventional media like Youtube, Blogging and Pay Per Click campaigns. If this is the trendsetter, then it is logical to expect Indian Political parties which are already engaged with Advertising Agencies to push their political agenda, may test this media too. During the last election Indian National Congress & BJP had gone way far off hiring professional ad agencies for their Political Electoral campaign. These are the very same agencies which work for FMCG brands like Pepsi & Coke. Incidentally, some sections of Indian Film Industry and few politicians have accepted Internet as powerful media for social interaction. Amitabh Bachhan, AAmir Khan & Lalu Prasad Yadav are regularly blogging on different issues. Would they try a professionally managed Adwords Campaign to boost their Political Campaigning. It seems likely, given the direction they are following. So, You may expect a good portion of their election fund coming to the PPC (Pay Per Click) Industry.

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