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Viral Marketing : Mathematical Modelling

Just like "Resonance" stuck with anomalous benzene structure in Chemsitry, the term Viral has stuck with the online marketing strategies. Though, nothing to do with viruses of Medical Science and even those known ones' on internet, the term buys sense from its inherent Very High & Uncontrollable speed of Replication without any external propulsion. In this way, it is self sustaining. It is like if "A" passes through this inducement, he passes it on to say B,C,D & E. Since, the Inducement is strong enough, B, C, D & E too passes it onto nearly equal number of people that A had originally passed on to. So, it progresses like a, ar, ar x r and so on. Such type of Progression has been identified as "geometric" in Mathematics, and is equivalent to other such natural events which follows this principle. Strength of proliferation is determined by the common factor "r". Further, the infinite summation shall always approach positive infinity irrespective of the value of "r" i.e, to say whether r is positive or negative Final Outcome of the Campaign which produces this inducement will always be positive! If you have launched a viral campaign which progresses in a to and fro fashion, you can assume it is following a series with negative value of "r". Generally, rumours tend to follow this trend, people believe and communicate and then they disbelieve and communicate, but it spreads everywhere in the domain. Similarly, Your marketing campaign too attracts believers and non-believers in the utility of the product or services you are launching. Suppose "A" communicates to B, C, D, & E with positive inducement to buy. However, when it passes through second stage when either of B, C, .... communicates, some negative current sets in inducing "not buy". As a result you see rise and fall sequences in your outcome of the Campaign. So, whether the campaign produces positive or negative currents, they shall always produce a Positive Outcome, if you can stretch it long!

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