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Google’s Content Network ---- Targeting Tips.

Google's content network traffic is very fast catching up with Search Traffic and is sure to surpass it in very near future. Google has started getting transparent with content traffic and so nobody can ignore it anymore. Content targeting is a separate game altogether and one needs to analyze it differently. Most widely recognised difference is Mood of the Traffic. Whereas Search traffic consists of people who are searching for the services you are offering, people on content may not be actively interested in what you are offering. They are there for the contents/subject on the site and you may be of marginal interest to them. In that way your presentation has to be Mind Blowing to catch their interest. Moreover, the bolding effect that helps one so much in boosting CTR is no more available with you on content. Because of these basic differences you must take precautions that you are not preconceived with Search Traffic Notions while designing the Content Campaign.

Contrary to Search you are not targeting a single KW triggered Search Result page. Hence whereas your own creatives compete against each other for impression in a Search campaign, they seldom interferes with ad delivery among each other. Hence, all ad creatives within an adgroup is capable of being delivered same time because of availability of vast number of pages matching their theme. A good observation will reveal that Total Impression is in fact Directly proportional to the number of creatives in a content targeted Campaign. If you have enabled Search Network too in the same campaign, Search ad Delivery is affected because in Rotatory Mode one will find they tend to compensate against content delivery. This fact also underlines the importance of creating separate Content Network.

There are Three Factors which affects ad delivery in a content only targeted campaign -- 1) KWs which decide the theme; 2) Ad text--- Which will act as intermediary between KW and Content Theme, ever wondered this might be the fact behind Smart pricing !!! 3) Content bid which will decide where your ad will be placed and in which position.

The above three acts on individual creatives independently.which opens the clue to master the unruly horse of Adwords Campaign -- the content network. The golden rules I have identified with them are :

1) use very tight themed KWs for content Campaign, preferably Long Tails

2) use Long list of Keywords (around 50) in each adgroup around the same theme.

3) Check for impressions and clicks if they are meeting your desired requirement.

4) If they are not meeting your expectations , make more creatives within the same adgroup till they start meeting your expected number of clicks. Most people do the reverse i.e.' they tend to add more KW which interferes with theme delivery, I am strongly against it. Rather go on creating n number of adtexts in the same adgroup and you would have met the desired click volume.

5) Last but not the least, Use site exclusion tool to block unwanted traffic.

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