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Display URLs ---- Make full use of it !

Google Adwords though doesn't allow Deception, it has Relaxed its otherwise tight Rules for Display URLs. URLs should be working whether display or destination, that is the general Opinion. However Google doesn't track all the pages that you display and hence You can Play with it, provided your Top Level Domain is working. The URL trick used to great extent has its Root in an Excuse that All pages may not be working All the time, hence Display URL too May Not Work. Some tested tricks in display URLs are.

1) InterCapitalisation: You may capitalise the words within a URL. Thsi helps ppl remember it.

2) Keyword Tagging of URLs. Tag the end of URLs with Keywords. This helps you get the Most out of bolding effect.

3) Include Call to Action and special offers in URL.like

4) Prefix URLs to win trust, like
Product.URL.com or URL.com/product.

Of the above two first one is more preferred because it retains the traffic which has the tendency to drift to home page. Hence, those who practice the Former would be able to retain traffic on Landing Page, while those who practice latter will find a Part of traffic Drifting to Home Page.

5) Look for every opportunity for capitalisation. If you have company name or URL written in Caps on Landing page or in a crooked manner even (like eBay.com) , you may use it to your advantage. Let me tell you One of my Campaign is successful just because of URL trick. Would you like to know the difference of CTR.

Earlier it was itrackindia.com CTR=1.87%
Now it is iTRACKindia.com CTR=5.1% ..... On some day it crosses 7-8% even !!!

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