Google Adwords Pay per Lead

Offer: Pay one lump sum amount and get guaranteed no. of Conversions.

  • No Matter, whichever industry you belong to, Just pay Rs15000/- (Absolutely, Nothing more required !) and get committed no of Conversions
  • It is limited time offer for only 5 advertisers.
  • The account will be without client log in, which means you won't own the account, but website will be yours.
  • The ads will run till you get committed no of Conversions. It will stop after completing the no. of conversions.
  • Since, no. of conversions has to be met within the amount constraint, it will run at optimal time only and you can't ask about timing
  • Available no. of conversions against payment of Rs15000/- are non stroked values: 60, 50, 40, 35, 30

To know more about it, Write a mail to Ramesh ( or call him on his Mobile, +919910115853

Else, you may Submit the Query form for any enquiry or just ask for Regular Packages with full control.

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