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Thanks for visiting this blog. You are more special than this blog. You are more unique than the content of this blog. Maybe, you know better than me, about what I write here. So, you may have more knowledge than me too. I don't have any clue about you other than what web analytics tools tell me that you have visited this page, or any other page of this blog. You are the part of that statistics, the dots marked on a map, that helps me take useful decision regarding enhancement in content, layout and design of this blog. I know you are more than that, but always wonder How to know about you. I can't know more about you, unless you decide to tell me by leaving your signature here. Is there any other way?

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Reading this blog is FREE! just like any other Free content on the internet. When content creation tools are Free, content that people have created spending so much time are available for Free, then this blog doesn't really provide you with some really great opportunity to write some precious words that you may have been holding for such a long time. This blog though is gaining traction at a very fast pace, it is still not one of the most popular blog on the internet. So, if you are in the habit of leaving your comments on a very high traffic page, this place may not interest you, but, here you will be valued more than for what you leave your comment at some other place. If I ever forget it, you may remind me of having done me this favor. See how much I value your words!

Your attention Counts!☟

I immerse myself into data of this blog, everyday. It has a mission, a very strong purpose. I want to succeed in this already crowded place & I confess, I am dying for every piece of attention, I could get from you. So, I really try to figure out why people visiting this page just passed by, without saying anything. If you could tell me here, You would get as much credit in my success as I myself, should I succeed in my mission. All I am asking for here is your logged in signature. Is that too much?