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Evolved from Apes with Tail, craves for a Scorpion Sting

Sting Operation, spycam, hidden camera

Backstabbing and Backbiting are dirty words. Unlike other species, human beings are not designed for any action or reaction that may arise from behind. A flat back with 180 degrees apart eyes focusing only on front, not behind you. We can say our human race throughout its evolution history hasn't needed anything on its back, ever since we lost our tail.

Technology has given us instruments with which we can spy on others, within or out of our premises. We can even record & broadcast a private conversation. All this available at a very low monetary cost. The ubiquitous availability of mobile devices capable of carrying out such an operation, makes it a potential addition to human traits. Something god deprived the Human race of. Man is performing sting on other man. Its a trait which remained into hibernation for thousands of years.

Mobiles, Spycams, hidden surveillance devices have the potential of changing the innate human behavior. If it is checked, it would be the manifestation of the same evolutionary force which shaped humanity in its present form.

Every civilized state on earth guarantees its citizens certain laws to protect their privacy. An informal discussion, an intimate activity, a confidential meeting... all fall within the provisions of privacy. However, technological advancement has made breaching others' privacy such an inconspicuous affair, which tempts too many people, that every passing day makes the list of suspecting growing longer, shredding the society into fragments who are stung or fear it.

Protagonists of this sting cult promises a clean and corruption free society through it. The idea of sting operations as a means to counter corruption is counter intuitive. its a sanctimonious approach which always involves the risk of your three fingers directed to yourself being exposed. Sometimes it raises many questions on the person performing it rather than on whom it is performed. Rampant use would surely drive the society to a state of loss of trust in each other. People who are in the habit of doing such an act would be loathed by others who value trust in any kind of public and private affair.

Historically, spying activities were confined to a thin strata of the society. Common people had little concern with it. Wikileaks started leaking government related papers, it was a kind of alarm. It marked the end of secrecy in public life. Anything that can be carried through a cable can be tracked. Anything that is into ether can also be tracked. It is not just that these devices are lethal, they are combined with the real time dissemination power of internet, which gives them real power. Only a dreamer who was also sure of his dream's impracticability may have envisaged this outcome of internet era. Anything may come out in public, it is no more related to government documents alone. Poachers may catch your private moments and expose in public, no matter how ordinary you are. Whatsapp, youtube, facebook, twitter.. provides opportunities for point, shoot, share & lynch!! The array of events points to a pattern, which looks like an evolutionary landmark. Where human race goes from here?

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