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Political Campaigns on Social Media in Elections-2014

Never before, the online Social Media was at the center of Political Campaigning. BJP, to its advantage, used it in gauging the right candidate for PM, core issues, terminology & catch words through it. The Buzzword NaMo, an acronym for Narendra Modi, which resounded all around in streets, was actually coined on Twitter #NaMo.

  1. Social Media as a Test-tube

    Population engaging on Twitter & Facebook is a very small fraction of electors, who vote. However, it has proven to be an effective resource for testing and shortlisting the right moves. A judicious analysis of reactions, coming from different sections of the society & speedy amalgamation of ideas on the field campaign, proved highly effective. Narendra Modi, himself engaged on twitter & used successful punchlines & rhetorics, tested on twitter, both to strengthen his own posturing & also to blunt the opposition.
  2. Social Media War-Room & Twitter Army

    Weakness of Twitter, was used to the full extent. A large number of Professionals were recruited to tweet for supporting the BJP campaign. Twitter does not take into account how far people are located, before trending the topic. So, a fraction of twitter army also travelled with Modi in what was called the Social Media van, tweeting from where they hacked virtually whole of the real estate in trending.
  3. Print & TV wanted to be Socially Correct

    Its a trend now. You hardly read anything through them, which are radically different from dominant view on Twitter. Leave aside, some breaking news story, TV & Print want to be in sync with social media. It is this desire to be Socially Correct, even at the cost of being politically incorrect, these old opinion leaders now resonates what Twitter says. So, if one has proven one's upper hand on social, then print & TV fears the backlash.
  4. If You pay, they will do the dirty work

    Paid Publicity, without the tag, might be unethical for many, but they are in vogue. If they can assure you publicity on reputed magazines, high TRP time slots, you may consider buying. All the influential writers are on Twitter who would be convincing and arguing for you, Voluntarily or involuntarily, will turn into your advocate & all the bad publicity you had will get automatically buried, by them!

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