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Keyword Details, Search Term Report- Blunders!

I have talked about the blunders, advertiser do, interpreting search term report earlier, too. This time I want to elaborate on them. Some Most Common mistakes are:

  1. Deleting the broad match, after adding all converting search terms as exact:

    I equate this situation with a gamble with dice. A dice has 6 possible outcomes. Search Term reports are like, you know the 3 occasions when you were successful matching, say (1, 3 , 5). If you decide to quote only (1, 3, 5), your chances of failure to catch (2, 4, 6) are 100%. Because a dice has 6 possible outcomes, with equal probability you are reducing your chances of success by relying on historical data. 
  2. Adding converting search terms as they are in the search term list, in the keyword list:

    After adding these terms, most of them get marked, low search volume. Some do get impression, but seldom converts again. What you missed, is that, keywords actually Never Converts. What converts are ideas and themes. A visitor rotates on searches throughout the theme/idea, through many websites, he may convert any time, on any of them. So, you rather need to crack the idea/theme which converted. Simply adding those keywords are of no use.
  3. Promptly adding negatives, which seems non-converting:

    People easily figure out, some terms which they see as non-converting and try to block them. After this conversion falls, because they seldom went through the digging part, what triggered them? Dice analogy fits here too. I would like to block all the outcomes which are beyond 6, but would retain all that is within (1, 2, ... 6). Conversion dice has some unknown value! You have to dig deeper into the problem. Real problem may be bid, match type or keyword itself within the existing keyword list.
  4. The only action which one may do easily without committing mistake:

    The only thing you may do with this report without doing major blunder is identifying some terms to be added as Exact Negatives. You are safe doing it!

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