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Google Adwords Certification Exam, Qualification Matters!

I occasionally get queries from both individuals and corporates regarding how to prepare for Google adwords certification or how to become google adwords certified partner. There has also been big debate on the issue - Should one get the formal qualification or not?

Many professionals who used to flaunt their Google Adwords Certified Individual or Company badges have stopped doing so. Some are protesting against Google. For some, certification just doesn’t matter, and for others it has become difficult Now!

I have noted, ever since, the two tier exam system has been introduced, badges of some otherwise reputed companies disappeared. So, I may not be entirely wrong in assuming that “Protest” is a nice excuse! After the retirement of the old exam system, and introduction of the new exam system, a relatively long time period has existed, when very few were actually adwords qualified. So, the bad news is that people do fail in the Google Adwords Certification exam. More important, even those who have otherwise great academic record do fail in this exam. So, if you have heard from people that it is rather an easy exam for which no preparation is required, you should think again about it. I have done my duty cautioning you. Also, if you are not, Perry Marshall or Brad Geddes, then “Protest” is not the best way to go. If you are still not convinced, go through the website of some big adwords management company. If one individual out of some hundred employees is qualified, it means how desperate they are to get it. May I tell you, they want it by hook or crook! So, it won’t be wise to say that it doesn’t matter.

Google Adwords  documentation is spread over Adwords Learning Module, and in the form of various questions and answers which are equally important. So, don’t ever think it is an easy walk through.

During GAP era, which has been retired now, things were rather easy. if one was familiar with basic concepts, then one may very easily pass this exam. However, the entire system has changed, and Google throws really tricky questions nowadays, which will make you ponder over them. If you have some doubt regarding something, questions are thrown, specifically designed to screen you out. So, guess papers, crammers lists, which are in abundance all around the internet, are of little use. I would advise you to keep yourself away from them, Google, nowadays keep on changing the questions too. What causes people fail in this exam are the doubts they hold in certain aspects of adwords . So, the best way to prepare is to clear your doubts regarding anything. The best way to do so is to ask questions in forums. Try to answer others’ queries. Read some good blogs regarding best practices and keep yourself abreast of the latest in terms of user interface and practices. I’ve seen people who are active in forums interacting with different kind of people, pass the exam easily. The reason is, they gain clarity of thinking by doing so. 

If you are new to adwords, you should also try to get your hands on the adwords interface, first. Set up a dummy account or an active account for experimenting with features. Try to understand the learning module by experimenting side by side. Familiarity with features and navigation is very important. After that read as much as possible about its various aspects.

Earlier, we used to say, simple walk through the concepts is enough to pass this exam, but, now you shouldn’t try this exam without feeling confident that you really know it well. You do not require a very high level of IQ to clear this exam, but you do need to devote good time on it.

Try to avoid failure in the very first attempt. I’ve seen people losing hope after failures. So, prepare as much as you can before the first attempt itself. If you fail, by any chance, you should study well again, identifying the areas where you are weak and diligently start clearing your doubts regarding anything.

If one really wants to get qualified, purposefully studies the documentations, practices on the adwords interface, there is no reason one should fail.

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Unknown said...

Is there really such a large difference between the level of difficulty now and “in the old days?” I haven’t heard any other accounts of people or agencies allowing their certifications to lapse in protest or boycott of the changes. I’ve taken these exams after the big shift and they did require a lot of study for me, but I assume they’ve never been easy.

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