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Attracting B2B Queries through Adwords, for non B2C Advertisers

B2B are Suppliers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Importers... They have an entirely different need when it comes to advertising. An improper pitch may attract too many B2C queries which may be very irritating for businesses. Queries which are B2C are waste of resources both cost wise and also time wise. Here are some Best Practices.

  1. Proper Search Traffic Segmentation through Keywords

    Google Adwords is an easy solution for those who want relevant traffic within a short span of time. Like any other Google adwords campaign, here too segmentation is the key. Proper segmentation is the key to Successful targeting. Just like real world situation where there are different marketplaces for Wholesalers & Retailers. In search marketing too there are different keywords you should be using for each of them. Whereas product specific queries like wallet, bags, watches etc, work well for B2C, they require supplier, wholesale, exporter... etc., as tails to generate B2B prospects.

  2. B2B Specific Content Creation 

    There should be a clear cut pitch on the Landing Page about the B2B nature of the business. Don't talk about a specific product, talk about Product Catalog, Manufacturing Process, Business Partners etc. Thrust should be on showing Business Credentials & not mere Product Qualities. Content should provoke thinking about business profit, margin & other benefits of association, not merely Product discount gimmicks. 

  3. B2B Specific Ads

    Writing Ads which clearly talks about B2B nature of business, like 50 pcs., min. order for leather wallet./ Become partner in toys sale/ Supermarket Supplier requires franchisee to expand reach./ Supermarket Supply quality for sale, Order Min. 50 pcs. / 20% off on Supermarket Quality Supply of Corp. Gift. Min. Order 50 pcs./ 20% less than NYC supermarket rate, 50 pcs min. etc. Just get creative with compelling needs of your prospects, whether it is price or quality.

  4. B2B is Branding

    Good brands which has better presence across the channel attracts business people. Retailers love to buy in bulk goods which they can sell easily. Branding takes the pressure off from retailers. If you manufacture something which is known to a lot of people or you are looking like aggressive on that front people will love to send you B2B queries. Manufacturers, Suppliers.... should not only look for B2B partners, they should also create awareness about their products through different means. Here adwords may prove expensive for starters, but other means like Blogging, PR, Brand Display through Public Shows are must. Whenever you get some B2C queries through adwords, be generous to pass them to your partner or ask people to contact your reseller, instead of handling them yourself.

  5. B2B Marketing is Idea Marketing

    Generate an idea to create demand at the bottom level. You can get a Big Order from a Supermarket if people start demanding it. Advertise on B2C queries, send few toys, bags ... of your brand and send them a voucher asking them to buy from a Retailer and avail x% discount. Probably they will use it themselves or pass it to some friend or relative, but when they start demanding it in market, they will surely demand it from you !

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