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Blog SEO 2013 – Optimize All the Signals You send to Search Engines

Search Engines’ frequent algorithm changes have inculcated us to look for many new signals that are either proven or are suspected to impact SEO of your website. Some of which you might have experienced in your webpage rankings.
  1. Content Originality Signal

    Use of original content in your website is paramount for your SEO success. Particularly, Google is capable of judging the originality of the content and help the most original content rise up.  Avoid borrowed sentences, phrases or dubious paraphrasing. Google can detect!
  2. Author Reputation Signal

    Who is the writer and in which field she commands readership, determines the weightage. Tell the Search Engines, who you are, by linking to all important Social Media profiles, on the webpage. Use the (unofficial) tag   “rel=me” to tell them it is you, and let them determine your authority vis a vis the subject. This tag really helps!
  3. Social Sharing Signal

    How much the content has been shared on the social media platforms like, twitter, google plus, facebook, linkedin etc., matters in ranking of your website. Optimize the website and content for sharing. More Share & Participation means Better Rank!
  4. Genuine Anchor text Signal

    All the anchor texts used in linking should match the context. Avoid using same or similar texts as anchor at different places, they count nothing. Better, diversify the content of the anchor text, if you can’t do more justice to the link.
  5. Your Nick Signal

    This is observed by many, yet some confirmation from Gurus is due. Search Engines have learnt how you are referred to in comments and forums. So, if someone talks about “netargument”, “SEOmoz” search engines can detect without any need of hyperlink to whom they are referring to, and they give them due credit. Incredible! Get an original & unique nick so that you are not deprived of this credit because of confusion.
  6. Quality Link Signal

    You must send signals to the Search Engines that you have external links on quality websites. All Natural Looking Content and context counts. If you want to get rid of some inferior websites that links to you, use google’s Disavow Tool inside Webmaster Tools, to tell them you don’t want them to count those links.

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