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Blogger internal link development, for better SEO and rank–Make your post rank higher!

For those who are unaware of how links matter in ranking on Google I will first brief how linking impacts SERP. Links are one of the most important factor which decides how your page will rank on Google. If you get a link from a page which already ranks higher in SERP, Google treats it as a vote, and your site too start ranking well for the keyword term and gets a strong boost on related terms. This is 1st link. If you don’t get first link, try getting links from pages which links to already well ranking websites, this is second link. It goes on and you get benefits in decreasing order depending on kind of link you get. Google respects your link depending on the subject of the post, site and its niche.

Good for you if some well ranking website has linked to your posts. However, you may also leverage your own website’s pages which ranks well and it does not reduce the benefits in anyway.

If you have been reading this blog for a long time you might have noticed I sometimes give you 3-5 reading suggestions in the end of posts. They are for SEO reasons. They are of course good for enhancing pageviews too! Experimenting with the internal links on blog I have learnt some best practices for such kind of link building which I would be sharing with you in this blog post.

  1. First of all make a list of posts which are ranking well for some keywords and related ones you wish to target.
  2. Now use your own custom search engine powered by Google which looks into the content of your site only and search for terms there, like: adwords resellers, adwords certified etc.
  3. Now, copy the headlines from there only. This will ensure the searched terms are highlighted with bold or italicized tags! This step is important because, highlighted terms gives you extra thrust in ranking well & Google understands that they are more important than rest of the phrases.
  4. Now go the posts where you want to paste this link. The posts should be well ranking for a reasonably good period of time before you burden them with these new links. Paste the links in the bottom of the posts. Keep it limited to 3-5 posts only. 
  5. You should ensure that links and post content are related.
  6. Links which are posted together also signals to Google that they are somewhat related in content and deserves a better treatment, so What kind of links you paste there matters including the bundle you create there.

For better understanding just read few posts which are using this technique, like:

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