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1+9Bold Ideas for Writing Google Adwords Ad Text/Ad Copy that Performs!

In 2006, I started using “Keyword?” in Ad Text Headlines. It was my original bold decision, which many initially termed Bizarre! I had not seen anybody doing this before. However, after six months, I could find many ads written in the same way, on different search result pages of Google. Later, I learnt, Google customer support staff are recommending it. It was a quick fire  solution for CTR enhancement, that works for every campaign. Lesson to be learnt- You can’t call an Ad, bizarre, till stats prove it.

Since then, I have made it a norm, to test at least one ad text, in every campaign, which you may term as a bold idea. I am sharing with you some of them that has become part of my ad arsenal.

  1. Space before exclamation(!) Mark:

    I seldom use exclamation like, Now!. Instead, I prefer to write, Now !, unless I am compelled by the space limitation. It emphasizes, your exclamation mark.

  2. Long Display URL:

    Write Long display URL to draw attention towards your ad. Character limitations are surely there, but if You use, dynamic insertion like, DisplayURL/{keywor:word}, it goes beyond that limit. DisplayURL/{keyword} too works,you get error message in Adwords Editor only.

  3. Yes Sure! :

    This is my phrase, which I have used like my trademark on every campaign. Better, let the whole work say it. However, if you have limitation of space, just use this phrase, at the end of the copy. I promise you, it Works like a magic.

  4. Three Dots Magic(…):

    Credit of using this as a technique and publically publishing it, goes to Mind Valley Labs. They had figured out, it works best, at the end of the copy. However, I could find, in addition to what they have found, it works great at the middle and even at the start of the last line. Like: Want Proof… Yes Sure!, “Fast Courier Service. /New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore…/  … On time delivery everywhere!”

  5. Inverted Commas(“”).

    Use inverted commas in First and second line, for better results. “Most honest Deal I ever Had!”

  6. Use of Special Characters:

    Use of special characters, like copyright and Registered, symbols, draws attention towards your ad. Use of currency symbols too have good impact.

  7. Writing Ad texts in language, which users know but is not using as a keyword:

    Writing Ad texts in Hindi while targeting India, in Urdu while targeting Pakistan, in Arabic while targeting Middle East, in Spanish while targeting Latin America, for ad groups containing English language keywords. It draws the attention of users who knows the language, and your ad looks Unique!

  8. Use of Symbol “&”, at the End of Line1(Headline):

    This symbol at the end of the Line1, plays the magic. It surely enhances CTR and conversion rate. Readers are involuntarily forced to read the second line and it increases their interest level. Use it like: Just pay Rs7000 &/Stop losing Millions in………

  9. Use of Conversion Boosting Words:

    “Easy” is a word that surely improves your ad copy. All its variants work very well. Use it like, Easy, Easily, with great ease etc. Higher you place it in the copy, more impact it makes. Similar other words are, Just (works best with Pay!)Yes!(preferably with sure). 

I believe,You must be having your own list too. Kindly Share.

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Sandy06cs43 said...

that is really great sir

ramesh said...

Thanks for your kind words.

Daman Anand said...

Excellent post Ramesh.

BrettBuen said...

Thanks for that three dots tip mate! That would be a good marketing idea for my one day courier service London...that sure does bring a glare of mystery there, eh?

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