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Privacy on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Networks

People are furious. They are concerned about their privacy. Facebook has been figured out as the guilty number one. One of the Charges are, it allows status updates to be visible outside your friends circle. Well, facebook was meant to be a closed door meeting of friends. Then spread the twitter epidemic, which changed every definition of networking. It is not just closed door meeting of friends, it should spread too. one advantage twitter has over facebook is that you don't need the consent of the person for following him. Anybody can participate. Facebook, perhaps is aware of this inherent shortcoming and hence it launched Community Pages, which also has relevant status updates in public. Users didn't take this kindly and many considers it as breach of faith. A major challenge before facebook is to devise something which may help information spread from one close group to other. It is apparent, they want to achieve it by any means. They are doing it stealthily, but it is highly likely that facebook status update would very much become like twitter tweets which is easily accessible and also indexable by topics, in near future. It requires a lot of creativity on the part of Facebook team to facilitate this transition in trustworthy manner. In the worst case, they may completely copy follower following concept of twitter. From the user point of view, private conversations on social media are useless. More the number of people following the discussion, better and enjoyable it becomes. If you don't agree just check your Direct Message folder in twitter. This is one to one conversation, which feels like Spam folder in your mailbox. I have attached the screenshot of DMs in twitter, I receive. Just compare it with Public tweets. These same guys would never say the things in public what they say in private! Sorry guys, if I violated your privacy here, but this is to tell you when i checked your DMs, I had some other expectations. Whose faith has got breached?

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