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Indian National Congress Projects Rahul Gandhi as PM - A Good Choice!

Indian Naional Congress announced Rahul Gandhi as PM Prospect from Indian National Congress. One may debate, why he should be the choice? But, he is the only person who has the possibility of becoming the Indian Obama, at least Online! Just like Obama's life generates tremendous interest among people, so is Rahul's. He would be best suitable for online campaign and I can safely say his campaign would beat everybody else's in terms of clickthroughs and response. This is because, he has a lot of attraction points, and this allows you to generate a lot of messages, themes and Ads ! See how Rahul score over others in terms of Public Perception:
  • A Youth Leader with Unique Parentage, a direct equivalent of Obama.
  • Perception of Modern vision, Indians desperately seek.
  • Perception of Secular outlook, which matters to a big chunk of online population
  • Percieved and arguably proven background of Patriotism, Sacrifice and Integrity, which generates a lot of Respect.
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