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Indian Elections: Pay Per Click Ads Missing!

In the run up to Indian General Elections - 2009, every media is engaged in Direct, Indirect , Subtle & Stealth Marketing of Indian Political Leaders & Parties. Expressed and Hidden alliances with these political affiliations are becoming visible in every possible media circle. However, Indian Search Traffic and Content Networks have yet to taste the flavor of Indian elections. Only silverlining in the cloud was jaagore campaign which was visible throughout the internet on Delhi Election days.

Political Leaders & Parties have launched websites like LKadvani.in, vkmalhotra.in, aicc.org.in etc. They are also present on Social Networking websites, like Myspace, Facebook etc. But why they chose to miss contextual power of Adwords Ads. This seem to be pure ignorance & whatever meagre presence we are observing on internet is thoughtless imitation. It is pretty easy to imitate the acts of others but very hard to pierce through the idea behind such an act. You need to crack the shell covering an idea behind an action before imitating it, a trait which distinguishes Humans from Monkeys.

People are merely creating portals & profiles. Portals or profiles cannot drive a campaign of any nature. You must guide/bait the traffic towards them. To drive an intent driven traffic to these sites, you must be accessible to a very large user base. Only contextual Pay per click Ads, can give you this sort of scalalbility and impact of jaagore campaign on State Elections have proven this point.

Going through some politicians, political parties and events related keywords on internet you find blank spaces throughout the right hand side of the Search Results which is not at all impressive. Neither the political entities which have direct interest in elections nor the News and television industry which have indirect benefits have tried to bait this traffic. It is even more interesting when you find India as number one country in Google Trends when it comes to Search Traffic with regard to keywords like, Adwords, Adwords Blog etc.

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