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Policy Announcement and Compliance improves website's Traffic

It might not be too late to wake up to the fact that stage is set where SEO, the term hackneyed enough to mean optimization for traffic through anything on the web, has a lot to do with Policies set by different channels which must be followed to get better exposure.

You can easily break it broadly into Google, Bing, Facebook & twitter. Some may add yandex, yahoo, linkedin and perhaps reddit too. All have different policies with something in common, widely recognized as User Experience, UX.

However, user experience designing on search may be a different ball game compared to what it is on social media, where a lot depends on the context when you release the content. So, its a tricky affair actually. Also, too much meta marking for social media may adversely affect search result.

Hence, to maintain edge you must position yourself better where others are ignorant. Policy compliance is such an area. If your site is up to date in terms of latest policies laid down by different search engines and social media it gives you an edge.

These are:
compliance to

  • Privacy Policy

  • internet cookies policy

  • content ownership & sharing policy

  • Comment Publishing Policy

  • Law of the land policy

  • Social accountability policy

  • Content Removal Policy

  • Did some of the policies discussed in the end looked bizarre? Well, you should not take them as such because the era in which we are living google, facebook... are trigger happy blocking the inflammatory content which lacks social accountability and whenever escalations take place their bot filters would be happy to detect and give you green signal. Make the list bigger and announce them emphatically. It works!

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