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Dynamic Search Ad with Remarketing is an Effective Strategy

Dynamic Search ads

Dynamic Search ads are ads with Dynamic Headline, which are automatically generated by Google, depending on the content of the page and the website. It places your ad according to your historical performance in Organic Search

  • You can still write remaining two lines. 
  • It doesn't require any keyword in the adgroup.
  •  If you have keywords in the adgroup it will target ones not there.   

Obvious benefits you can derive from Dynamic Search Ads are:

  • It has the potential for supplementing your SEO. It judges queries where you can get better clickthroughs, automatically.
  • You get extra placement on keywords, which are already performing well.
  • It matches the headline, Search Query, Landing Page automatically, and also improves upon the CTR on auto pilot. You can see it improving with time.
  • It can throw ads on queries, which you won't be able to target through conventional methods, those typical Low Search Volume types, that too according to the website content!

Adwords Dynamic Search ad with Organic Listing
Although it works outside the periphery of keywords in the adgroup, you may find them competing with other ads in some situation where you have multiple adgroups. So, don't get surprised, because it only excludes keywords in the adgroup and not the keywords in the campaign.

Remarketing through Display ads

Remarketing is simple to set up. It is an adwords feature, that works through doubleclick coookies, which allows you to track and show your ads to already defined kind of visitors on your website. Visitors may not come through adwords they may come through any source. You need to install the doubleclick patch through your google analytics account. If you have opted for display content support in GA, then default code includes this patch. After this you simply need to specify what kind of visitors you want to remarket, and change the Privacy Note on your website according to the guidelines. Remarketing allows you to repeatedly show ads to visitors who have visited certain segment of your website, as specified by you, whenever they visit a website having adsense. For better results:

  • You should have a dedicated adgroup for remarketing only.
  • You should have impression caps for ads enabled. Don't show same ad to a visitor multiple times. It might irritate them.
  • You should have view through conversion column enabled.
  • You should have rationally fixed cookie expiry time, so that it stops showing after sometime.

Both the feature works well for advertisers who want to make the most of SEO of ones website. Both the feature has the capability of utilizing your SEO efforts for improving the traffic. It is a low risk Adwords Strategy, which any website owner can implement without any need of big expenditure on either adwords budget or management of it. It gives great results in minimum efforts!

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