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Breadcrumbs in Google Search may mean Bye to Fake Display URLs in Adwords!

Despite warnings by many SEO experts, I finally decided to use Breadcrumbs on netargument.

Blogger has labels already present, which can be used as breadcrumb. There are many tweaks of original Hoctro's code for implementing it on your blogger blog. It is using the last label of the post, though one may show many on your blog. After implementation, the domain name in SERP becomes unclickable & Label shown becomes clickable and lands you to the label list url. It does take away url keyword bolding effect from your search snippet, but what is visible there is more pleasant than the irritating URL string. So, it actually has the potential of enhancing your domain branding!

Now, after implementing Breadcrumbs code on the blog or website, label management becomes important. Labels are important for generating default #Hashtags on twitter too, if you share your blog through feedburner service. Here first label is most important. I am going to arrange the labels in the order of increasing relevance. The most broader category first and the most specific one in the last. Like

L1>L2>L3, where L2,L3 are subsets of L1 and L3 is the subset of L2. In this way L3 is the most specific tag for the post and L1, L2 are broader categories. I've seen people displaying many tags in rich snippet, but that is not a good practice, because, if on clicking those tags, which I believe has intentionally been generated to make it look like matching the search query, your plan may backfire. So, I advise you to keep it limited to the most specific last post label. Shouldn't blogger too replace the comma with '>' !!

Having said that, I also think, google adwords Display URL feature, where advertiser can write anything after Top level Domain, need to be retired. It might even be on Google's To-Do List. These Display URLs has been thoroughly abused for keyword stuffing, mobile no. insertion....  It creates a huge gap between what you see and what you get after landing, which may not prove to be good in the long run for either Google or the advertiser. With time people learn to ignore the Domain name in ad, & behavior may extend to ignoring Adwords ads in SERP in future, because you are giving them reasons for distrust. Substitution of Fake URL String, with Breadcrumbs should be better for both the website branding and usability, because the person seeing the ad would know, it is Breadcrumb which is not the part of actual URL, rather something that should be present on the landing page & that will be good, for Adwords!

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