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Conversion Dip? You need to Move where people are moving, Move or Lose!

There was a time when people used to go to cybercafe for reaseraching anything on the web. Time is not too far away.

Now! You rarely find one in your locality. Desktop and even laptops are cheap and every household has one. People have many ways of connecting to the web too. In the recent past there has been a sudden spurt in the traffic through mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, Iphone etc. This has added to yet another dimension to the way people convert.

Those who have old websites, and by that I mean even ones upgraded within last two years may not be serving well on Mobile devices. Google adwords stops delivering your ads on those devices, if it discovers any rendering issue with it. You might have seen the bubble near an ad showing "Approved(limited):Rendering issues detected; landing page not serving on mobile devices with full browsers." If this message shows up inside your Google Adwords Campaign ads, you need to take this more seriously now, than ever before!The Bubble by issuing this warning, is also telling you that your ads are not serving on those mobile devices.

What to Do? Traffic through mobile devices has been moving upward at a very great rate. If your customers are browsing on mobile devices then you need to be serious about this issue. Merely making the site lightweight to serve properly may allow you to allude the warning by adwords. However, one needs to take it further and think about usability of the website from mobile user angle. You must answer if your website look compelling enough on Mobile browser. Are the fonts the pictures, the forms look user friendly on those devices. If not? You are losing a big chunk of your conversion than what you deserve.

Conversions are neither created nor destroyed, they move from one place to another!

 To increase or even maintain conversion rate, one needs to go to the places where they are happening. You can't create it at one place. If people have moved, you need to move yourself too. If transactions are taking at a different place, you cannot expect them to happen where you stand. In other words businesses have ceased to happen the way we want to believe they happen. Entire web is adapting to this mobile revolution. Recently, traffic stats of my blog has started giving me surprises, how many people are accessing it through mobile devices! You may also look at the recent move of Google to push the display url just below headline, it does help to highlight your domain in the ad and if presented well, may help people to recall and revisit your website on different platform too.

The time has come when people are using it more than ever, and governments across the world has plans to equip every citizen with such a device. So, while optimizing for conversion one must check, if the presentation is optimal across the devices rather than trying to push it through the Old desktop styled Ad Campaigns.

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Daman Anand said...

Ramesh, there is not an iota of doubt that the usage of mobile and tablet is increasing day by day and it is expected that in 2013, it will surpass the usage on desktop. That is one reason we got www.m.indiafloristdirect.com developed last year. Could not agree more on this with you.

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