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5 Tips for instant improvement of a Google Adwords Campaign!

Many features within an adwords account are often ignored, or are not configured optimally. Using them may bring great results almost instantly.

1. Use of Automated Keyword Rules

Use filters to enhance bidding at top positions. You may apply rules to attain a better position, whenever your ad falls below certain position. It is very helpful in campaigns where sighting your ads at top position matters. It is must have for packers & movers, florists, gifts and other websites where people tend to fall in love at first sight.

2. Use of Call Extension

This is the best ad extension which should be used! You should enable it within ad extensions tab, by entering your telephone number. Whenever a visitor clicks your ad on a mobile interface, she can connect with you instantly. It should be enabled for any kind of campaign.

3. Use of Social Extension

If your plus one count is above 100, it reduces your CPC. Of course there is a threshold and if your ad is running, you should not miss this opportunity. it also helps you hold your visitor on Google plus, whom you can pitch later on. A must have extension.

4. Video Ads

Very few people really knows the magic. Ads on youtube are cheaper than what you may think. Just highlight your URL in the ad and let visitors search for your website. Great for traffic at very low cost.

5. Use of Remarketing

Just start collecting the number of people who abondanoned your site through the purchase funnel. You can pitch them differently, using a different combination of landing page and ads. Each time they visit a site of their choice, your custom ad made for them only start showing. You can show them new offers, and target them through a different landing page too. Something great for Real Estate business!

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