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More than 25 characters long Headline!

Google adwords restricts the Headline of your text ad to 25 characters. Nowadays, people are reporting having seen more than 25 characters long headlines. for me this is not new. I am a very old user of DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion), and I know it happens through DKI. Way back in 2006, I had noticed some of the dynamically inserted keywords used to show longer than what they were supposed to be. I very often used DKI in display url, and was amazed to see sometimes, it extended to length beyond limit. What is new, is the proliferation of this usage! DKI feature in adwords is very old, perhaps as old as the program itself. However, after, 2004, google had hidden this file, which was already available on some old adwords learning center resources. People who were aware of it used it as a secret tool. Even many people within Google were not aware of it, till it became documented.

Earlier, It had escaped my conscious mind, but when people started discussing it how it happens, I started recollecting my past experiences. Many people think it is a new format Google is experimenting. No, it is not a new phenomenon. it is a very old thing. It has only become more noticeable now. Either due to some programming error, or intentional programming input this has continued to happen. Google now offers comprehensive tutorial on DKI. People use it as a shortcut method of campaign creation. Because of proliferation of this practice what was not so noticeable has become easily noticeable. I am no more a fan of this tool. This has its own drawbacks and lately i seldom use them. But, if you see sometimes, some keywords that cannot be substituted for any equivalent and equally emphatic line, because of restriction of characters, DKI may be a useful way of achieving this.

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