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Google's Knol: Adwords Entry into KnowledgeSpace ?

Google' Knol is going to be launched shortly. Google has already announced what it would be like and is eager to share revenue with writers on it. Wikipedia has to its credit generating content for all kind of topics. However, it blocked the contextual advertising in its space, which compelled Google to go on its own to fill the vacant Contentspace. In fact this is not the only sphere where content targeting should be done many other potential contexts are missing which content generating media must fill up. The step though has drawn widespread criticism alleging Google to be trying to kill Wikipedia, I read a benign interest of content generation for contextual targeting. If wikipedia is feeling the heat now, they must admit they have themselves contributed to this situation. Someone has to fill the Voids in contentspace and google itself took the initiative, Cheers for them.

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Anonymous said...

Ramesh,I do not think a user will switch to Google knol and dump Wikipedia.
Advertisments always distract viewers. How many times do we change channels on our T.V. sets when Ads appear. Wikipedia has done a good job by keeping away the Ads. There are millions of places where Ads are welcomed. Atleast we have one place which is free of Ads.

Ramesh said...

I never said All users will shift, however, you cannot rule out most of them because most users there who contribute a lot don't get anything out of that, even though wikimedia foundation makes billions out of donations. Advertisements do look distracting on TV because they interrupt you while watching a favorite program, it does not apply to adsense or every other means of advertising on internet. Most of them are good information relevant to the context!

Ramesh said...

This may be of your interest http://knol.google.com/k/carl-hewitt-httpcarlhewittinfo/corruption-of-wikipedia/pcxtp4rx7g1t/5#

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