Privacy Policy

Full Disclosure on Information gained about You

This website is part of vast number of pages across internet & just like other webpages, can collect information about you through limited number of ways. Important ones are listed below:

  1. Your Facebook, Twitter & Social Media Handles

  2. Your Facebook & Twitter handles are disclosed, whenever you use them for commenting on facebook comment enabled pages on this website, like this one, and other pages where you voluntarily decide to disclose your Facebook, Twitter and other social media handles. There is no other way using this website may disclose your social media handles to the site owner and any person handling data generated through this website.

  3. Your Telephone number & Email Address

  4. Your Telephone no. & Email address are collected through Query Form submitted via Hire Me Page. Your Email Address is collected through Email Subscription Form on various Places of this website, or When You send in through your Email ID, either directly or following any link like on NetArgument's About Page. There is no other way of collecting these information on this website. Telephone numbers are used only for communicating with you directly. You disclose your Telephone Number or Mobile number when you intend to avail any services offered through this website. There is no other way of collecting it and they are not used for any other purpose. Email subscriptions are Optional and strictly used for the purpose you have opted for and for no other purpose.

Internet Tracking Cookies used by this Website

This website uses Third Party codes of Only Highly Reputed Solution Providers, which also ranks High on Social Accountability Index, like Google. At Present following codes are used which installs tracking cookies on devices for the purpose of generating data for better targeting of ads and content. These codes are

  1. Google Analytics Code for Web Traffic Stats
  2. Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code
  3. Google Adwords Remarketing Code
  4. Google Tag Manager Code
  5. Google's GA Remarketing Tracking Cookies. For Opt Out Follow this Link.
  6. Statcounter Code for Web Traffic Stats